Sunday, November 22, 2009

Charge for juice

I was bartending the other day and actually had a waitress. I never have a waitress. It was fun to have someone else to talk to, but I felt bad because she was having problem customers and I know how terrible that can make your night, especially when it happens in the beginning.
We had a certain alcohol on special that day. One customer at a table wanted it mixed with juice. We charge $.25 for mixing juice because we do not have juice on our bar gun, only in cans. At the end of the night the customer decided to leave a note on their tab telling the waitress that it was BS that they were charged $.25 for juice. Their drinks were only $3.25 because they were on special.
So often lately I have been receiving complaints on things that are on special. Our half price food doesn't have enough meat/potato/fries. "I can see why it's half price!" The drink specials don't have enough alcohol in them, even though we make them the same and are notorious for heavy pouring.
I know the economy is bad, That's why we are running the specials we are. I know this situation is making people unhappy, but it does me no good to short you on anything. I am counting on your tip to pay my bills. Besides, you're already getting a deal!


SkippyMom said...

.25 cents? Really? I can only imagine the tip you all got on that table - puhleese - people act like all this sh** is free - juice costs money, lemons cost money - and half price specials? Bring it on!

I know it is hard. Hang in there, hopefully the holiday season will improve peoples' moods and their spending :)

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder how far debt these people really are..