Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is this exceptionally difficult?

I had two different tables the other day confused over what starting a tab means and what paying as you go means. I didn't think it was a complex concept.

I brought one girl her beer and asked if she wanted to pay as she went or start a tab. She asked if she could just pay after she had her beer. Umm, yes. That is running a tab. I told her sure and asked for a card or an ID to keep the tab open. She gave me a credit card and told me she wanted to pay cash at the end. I assured her that was fine, but she continued telling me she didn't want to see any charges on her card and why do I need a card anyway? I again told her I could hold an ID instead of a card, but she said it was OK.

The other table ordered a round that totaled over $20. When I brought the round I posed the same question. One of the men at the table gave me a very confused look and said "I guess we'll figure it out on the next round." Seriously?
I politely told him that unfortunately I needed to either give my bar money for the round or a credit card or ID to keep the tab open. Again I get a confused look, but he hands me money for the round.

It seems these things happen in groups. I won't get attitudes about holding cards for tabs for months and then suddenly everyone takes issue with it. For two years I have been posing the "pay as you go or start a tab" question in the same way without any confusion and suddenly no one gets it.

On another note, I had the most annoying child in my section the other day. The parents allowed the kid to unroll all the silverware on my newly-set tables while I was checking with the kitchen on their food. 40 sets of silverware that needed to be rewashed and rolled because parents couldn't be bothered to watch their own children in public. The same child was also stopped from pushing open the front door and leaving the restaurant by a customer drinking at the bar.


AK said...

The only bars I've been to that don't require a card to start a tab are total dives where the bartender/owner knows you by name... Beyond that, what else are you supposed to do?

♥ Caz said...

I find that things that you have been asking customers for years, that seem to make perfect sense, changes with the weather or something.

But it's true, you say something the same for years, and then all of a sudden they look at you as if you are speaking gibberish.

I also have the same problem with some children at the restaurant as well. It's annoying that you have to re-clean everything and set it up ALL over again. Those kids should be tied up to their chairs.

Anonymous said...

People need to figure things out a bit. Society seems to be living in some far off land in their head sometimes. Not that all people are like that , just most it

dirtydisher said...

I like kids, but, even I would have said something to the parents. That's just such bad parenting.