Friday, June 11, 2010

On the Verge

I have been on the verge of quitting the bar lately. Every week I get several calls to work for someone hours before the shift. The longest notice I have been given was roughly 12 hours on Memorial Day. The Tuesday opening bartender wanted me to work for her.

The final straw came yesterday. I had worked the lunch shift and was just turning down my street looking forward to nothing more than a shower when my phone rang. When I saw it was work I thought maybe I had a check left open or something so I answered. It was my boss saying that he needed someone to work that night at 5. It was 3. I told him I'd rather not, the nice way to tell your boss to F off. He actually told me that sometimes we need to do things we don't want to do and that they needed someone to work. I get that, but it's not really my problem, is it? I already worked that day and I work open to close on Fridays. Seriously, piss off. He got mad and said he would call me back.

He never called me back so after an hour of waiting around smelling like grease and bar I finally called him. He was cheerful on the phone and had found someone to work. Great. But then he asks me about working Sunday and Monday. I hate being put on the spot about working. Is it strange that I like to take a minute to think about it? I told him I might be able to do Sunday, but I'd let him know for sure the next day. Several hours later I got a voicemail from him saying I would be working Sunday. Does he not listen?

I am seriously close to quitting. I am tired of people only asking me to work last minute, but asking others in advance. It really backs me in to a position where I always have to say no and the owners think I am not willing to help.

I really think they need to hire more employees. Let one of the waitresses cover bar shifts and hire another part time waitress. Two waitresses and four bartenders are not enough to run a place smoothly.


Dave said...

That is a tough spot. It sounds like you are up against coworkers who aren't pulling their weight and a manager who views you as the person he can guilt into working.

It is tougher to handle the coworkers. It stinks to be in a place where people can't accept that they have to cover their shifts. Maybe instead of saying yes, propose a trade. Sure I will work your wed lunch, but can you cover my sunday lunch. This might allow you to work a better schedule out of the deal.

The manager situation is a matter of making it clear that if he wants you to do him a favor he needs to ask politely. If he doesn't give you that courtesy then you certainly don't need to feel obligated to help him. Let him try to talk someone else into it for a while and see if he doesn't become more polite.

I've worked at places like this, never regretted leaving them

xserver said...

Stop answering your phone when work calls and meanwhile look for another job.
I worked for ONE restaurant in my career where this sort of thing didn't happen with scheduling and trust me, it is worth looking for a job like that.
They take advantage of you because they can. Just stop letting them!
Good luck!

Throwing In The Apron said...

I absolutely understand how you feel. The way your boss treated you is what I call an "employee hostage" situation. Come take a look at my new blog about this kind of thing