Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bachelorette Party in April

This was surprisingly uneventful, but disturbing.
They arrived 30 minutes late in their party bus that took up the length of our small parking lot. I guess the mother was in charge because she walked in first.
"Where's the bathroom?" She demanded, plastic cup in hand, leaning a bit as she spoke.
"Around the bar." I told her trying to hide my amusement.
She stumbled outside to inform the rest of the group where the restroom was. When she returned she asked for a food menu and proceeded to order half the appetizers we offer along with 3 extra large pizzas. After entering the order, I show her to the party room and help my busboy clear a space in the middle for the dancer. After discovering that they want nothing more than pitchers of water, I set up plates and napkins for the food and leave the lady and the girls to their giggling drunkeness. Shortly after this I hear the woman telling my boss that she does not appreciate his employees intruding on her party. I wonder why they ordered food if they didn't want service and how I can possibly bring it to them without entering the room.
I hang out at the bar with the bartender and an off-duty employee until their food is ready. I have no other tables and the bar is dead. I end up giving one girl from the party three martinis and offer to bring them out for her as I am their waitress.
"Uh no. I'm a bartender. I know how to carry drinks."
So sorry I offered. I forgot I should have known. How silly of me.
When it is time to deliver their food, the dancer is doing his thing. My busboy and I take the food in to the room as quietly as possible and I catch a glimpse of the stripper in his bright red thong bikini and unbuttoned cop shirt giving who I believe is the bride-to-be a lap dance.
The only other time I returned to the room was after hearing glass break. I slipped in and swept up the shards while getting death looks from the mother. The stripper was now on his back on the ground doing I have no idea what. Possibly humping the air? One of the women asked me to get them some lotion and hand sanitizer.

They spent about $80 and tipped $20. Great considering I did next-to-nothing, but I still hope I don't have to work too many of these parties.


Ali said...

Great post. Nothing like strippers and pizza to signal the end of the single life.

At least you got to keep your sanity. Our last bachelorette party was a wine tasting (It was her second time around in this gig)--a night filled with finger snapping (in my face nonetheless) and impossible requests ("Can I get sauce on the side and get it sautéed with no oil?").

Just in case!

G.H. said...

Strippers? Good heavens? I am laughing at the thought of this happening at my steakhouse.

Lone Waitress said...

Gotta love special requests! And finger snapping? Where do these people come from?

purplegirl said...

I don't think I'd've been able to keep a straight face when they asked for lotion and sanitizer, myself. :)

P.S. I added you to my blogroll, nice to "meet" you.

Anonymous said...

Classy all the way.