Sunday, June 28, 2009


I had to discontinue my internet for a while due to the economy's toll on my income. I have finally been able to reconnect it, although I am worried this will not last long.

Several updates...Katie the waitress is gone, Nina the waitress is in. I have been successfully working open to close on Friday and opening on Saturday morning for 8 months now. I have not taken any days off in that time.

This year has been slower than last. Usually over the summer I am able to make enough to supplement the slower winter months. This year I am just breaking even.

Last Friday we were closed due to storms, and next Saturday we are closed for the holiday. Ugh.

To all my friends here, I am sorry I have been missing and hope this doesn't happen again. I do need to ask for your help. Being in the same industry, your advice and input is greatly needed:
Last night I found out that another waitress has been asked to work with me on Friday nights. The manager that asked her said that they want another server because they "have to help [me] run food." They do not have to help take orders, get drinks, prebus, get refills, take carryout orders, or take payments. They only have to help run food when I have large parties because all the food is ready at once and we do not have food trays to take the food out. The waitress they asked to work is the one who told me, no one else has spoken to me about this. I am hurt by this, and angry. They are taking away half of my income!
I need help figuring out how to bring this up to management. The other waitress has agreed to work the shifts. Our hope is that after a few weeks of working together we can sit down and tell the manager that it isn't necessary to have both of us there.

Please help! Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

If you are doing nearly all the work and just getting a runner to run food for you then she should just get a small cut of the gratuities and should not be getting 50%. That has to be the case like having a busser. If it is 50% you gotta start looking around for additional income. Nice to see you back on the blog!

G.H. said...

My advice, practice at home carrying as many plates as you can so you won't ever need help running food. It seems silly to me, and rather wasteful to pay another employee to only help with food running.

I would talk to management before these shenanigans start. Say that you will be willing to work harder, move faster, ect, and mention to them it will also help them save on labor costs.

Good luck

Lone Waitress said...

The other server is not just there to run food, although that's all I need help with. She will be there to take half the tables that come in. Half of the tips I usually make will now be made by her.
The only time I need help running food is when there are large groups...sometimes we get softball teams. Even with another waitress I will still need help carrying 20 plates of food.

Anonymous said...

Ah bloody hell didn't know that this person would be taking half the tables. Seems like this place is dying a bit. Look for if you get a chance something else. There has got to be something that is a good fit for you.