Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now Hiring


The Sports Bar is now hiring. We don't know what shifts we are hiring for. That depends on if we like the other girls we have just hired. More shifts may be available soon!
Please stop in to apply so we can make notes on your application and ask our regulars what they think of your physical appearance. No need to apply of you are over the age of 35, have hair shorter than your shoulders, are slightly overweight, or are not "pretty".
No experience is required. Apply today!

Yes, I know it is not a new concept, hiring pretty girls. It just seems that this practice is a bit exaggerated where I work. I have seen numerous experienced waitresses apply over the last two weeks. I have seen their applications ignored by management because of reasons I can only speculate (and have above), or because they were not around to see the person applying. Hello! That's what interviews are for. Call the person and have them come in, talk to them! Applications do not contain enough information to determine if a person will be a good hire.

I am so frustrated. So, so frustrated.


Maryann said...

Can you say EEOC call?

purplegirl said...

I'm a fat girl, so I've probably not been hired because of things like that. Makes me furious.

LW said...

It makes me sick. I'd make a call, but I don't really have any proof that they are doing this.

AK said...

I understand wanting presentable people, from a business perspective, but it sounds like your restaurant's standard of "presentable" is way too high and borderline absurd. It also sucks that you can't know for sure that they're doing this.