Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ordering by Colour

"What NE beer do you have?" The man on the other side of the bar was wearing a Nascar shirt under a flannel and ripped jeans. He had pronounced "NE" like "any".

"I'm sorry?"

"NE alcohol." He replied.

"Oh, we have O'Douls." I said with a slight smile, trying not to laugh.

"What kind?"

"The original."

"Red or green?"

"We have the original, in the green bottle."

"OK. Green O'Douls."

Later, they ordered more "white sauce" for their wings. The waitress asked if they wanted ranch or bleu cheese. Their reply? "The white sauce. White."


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they had a Blue Christmas? Ha

purplegirl said...

I'd've taken then horseradish. "You said white!"

Waitersfriend said...

Haha! Classic.