Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sometimes I feel obsolete

44. 3. 15. 7.
Number of people at the party: 44
Number of hours the party lasted: 3
Number of drinks I served: 15
Tips made off those drinks: $7

I stayed late today to work a holiday party. The party started while I still had several lunch tables, so after getting the first to arrive's round of drinks I checked on my tables. When I returned (the party was on the bar side of the building) there was a small group at the bar. No big deal, I'll get them next time. Except I never did.
Several people started tabs with the bar.
Several others told me they wanted to see what we had on tap and did not want me to recite the list to them. "I'll just look." and while they were up there they just ordered from the bartender.
People were sitting at the bar and crowding around the tables making it impossible to serve them. Every time I checked on them I was told they needed nothing but several seconds later would see them at the bar.

I hate holiday parties.
How would you feel in this situation?


BB said...

When I did cocktail waitressing I always had people say things like "Oh no it's ok we'll just go to the bar." or "I don't want to make you do the trip." I never understood those responses because duh.. it's my job.. what ELSE do I have to do?!?

I'm not sure how late this was when you were working.. but to be honest.. once I started working the bar I realized that most customers will just come to the bar.. there's no real point in having a waitress there after the kitchen closes. There would be like three girls cocktail waitressing on the weekends and their combined sales would make like ten percent of the bartenders combined sales on an average night.. just cause it's easier to just order from the bar.

LW said...

I totally agree. Sometimes there is no point in having a waitress there. Trust me, I would rather be bartending.
The bartender is overwhelmed and not serving very fast because everyone is going to the bar. It just doesn't make sense...There's a waitress walking around. Ask her for something.
Oh, and this was at 1 in the afternoon.