Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not a Darn Thing

Nothing much is going on at my work lately other than some employee drama. Yes, even with a small group of employees there is plenty of drama. I think it comes with the heavy drinking that seems to be a requirement to work in the industry. I prefer not to drink much. We're talking maybe 3 drinks a month or less. Maybe this is why I am not really good friends with the other people I work with. They all seem to make plans together that I am left out of. Don't get me wrong, there's no sadness in that for me. With the stories I hear about their outings...I'm better off staying at home.
So this post is taking a more personal turn isn't it? I guess that's bound to happen when business is slow and the weather is keeping the oddball customers home.

Things may be changing at the bar soon. Two of the employees seem close to confessing to drinking problems and another insists on coming in late every shift. Keep in mind there are less than a dozen of us. I will be happy to stay out of the whole dramatic thing. I have enough to worry about with school and other obligations.

This semester makes my first at a local university rather than the community college. It's amazing how little community college did to prepare me for "real" college! I am finding that my grades are not as good as I became accustomed to. I have had to dedicate more time to each class than in the past.
Also, after 6 months of training my dog will be testing for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test in less than a week. If we are able to pass this test we can move on to our ultimate goal and begin training as a therapy team. I can't wait to become therapy certified and begin visiting local nursing homes and hospitals.
Lastly, I am possibly going to be involved as a witness in a lawsuit pertaining to an accident I was involved in over 2 years ago. That, my friends, is no fun. Trust me. Even the anticipation of this is no fun.

I know this is not the type of post you have come to expect from me, but sometimes there's nothing going on at the bar. I just can't stay silent until something happens.

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megaphon said...

Yes, drinking is a problem in our workplaces! Good that you are aware of it!

I hope you and your dog pass the test! A close friend of mine is working with traumatized kids and planning to train his dog to be a kid's-grief-counselor-dog or whatever it's called. Especially kids, handicapped and old people often respond better to animals than people. The world needs those teams! All the best!