Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Wow...

So the drama of a small bar has reached its height. I can't really go in to too much detail now, but here's the basics:

One of the people at my work got fired today. Not sure if this will actually be a permanent firing or a temporary one. I guess that depends on how rehab goes.
The waitressing shifts were promptly given to a new waitress who wants to quit her other job. No biggie since no one else wanted the shifts. The bartending shift however...there is drama. None of the other bartenders want the shift, but I do. I already waitress that night so they need to find a person to take my shift. It's a Friday night, a good night to waitress (especially on a one server floor). For some reason no one wants the shift. They don't want to work weekends. I have no idea what is going to end up happening with this, but I am staying out of it. Yes, I want the shift, but they all know that. Either I get it or I don't.

I have decided that I like not being involved in the drama. I'd much rather hear about it than be pulled in to it!

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