Friday, November 7, 2008

I can count on it

One thing I always liked about waiting tables was the randomness, the aspect of daily change. You saw different people every day, you were an anonymous server. I don't have that at my current job. I can see almost exactly how today will play out. During the lunch shift I will see the same people; the guy who has one Honeyweiss and then water, the guy that always orders wings and never requires me to even check back, the two ladies with iced teas that always order a dinner special for lunch and then sit for 2 hours talking. After 4 there will be the usual after work guys, the MDG 64 in a bucket to keep it cold, two Coors bottles at a time because he drinks so fast, and the couple that will drink a pitcher, then order their dinner and another pitcher. At night I will have some dinner tables and my group of 25 at 10:30. When they leave I will have nothing for the remainder of the night and will probably get off work at last call.
There is no change, no anonymous serving. I miss this. It becomes tedious and boring when there is no change in the daily schedule. Maybe if I started working somewhere else I would miss the structure and reliability of the Bar, but today I miss randomness and change.


Waiter Extraordinaire said...

If the feeling continues then you are ready for a new challenge.Maybe it is just a once in a while thing and that would be normal with any job.Maybe it is not so much what we do at work than what we are doing outside of work.I find a server definitely needs something to do away from work that interest them so it makes serving more bearable at times.

banquet manager said...

This post sort of reminds me of the days that are very quiet and I wish for a busy day so I can get back in the action.
Then when the busy day(s) arrive, and the S#@* hits the fan, I long for the quiet day back. Take care.
So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

Lone Waitress said...

I do long for the busy days often. They are few and far between so I never find myself wanting the slow times back.
I think my frustration stems from being stuck in the position of waitress when the bartenders obviously have it better; so much better that the turnover is zilch so the chances of being able to scoot in is nonexistant.