Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I feel like I'm on a swing...

Hooray for meeting goals! I have officially been offered the position of bartender on Saturdays at the Bar. I, of course, accepted. The manager that spoke with me yesterday about it agreed that I can cut down on my serving shifts during the week so I have more time for school and am not working 7 shifts each week. Today I spoke to another of the three managers and told him the same thing; I wanted to give up my Monday through Wednesday lunch shifts. This manager was less agreeable. He told me that just because they wanted me to work Saturdays didn't mean they wanted to lose me during the week. After I made a few good points about the number of shifts I pick up per month already, the number of shifts the night girls want to take off, and how working less during the week opens me up to be more "on call", he agreed to ask the third manager about it. I also made it clear that I could still work all 7 shifts until the end of the year, giving them over a month to find a new girl and allow me to train her to perfection.
Part of me thought I should wait a bit before bringing the issue up to the most high strung of the managers, but being honest and up front has worked so far with them so I decided to continue down that path. I hope I haven't screwed myself.
If they're smart they will see that this is a good move all around. Hiring a fourth server means having a fourth person to pick up shifts. As it is it's difficult to get anything covered because one of the other two girls either already worked that day or is at school or with kids. Out of the three of us there is one mother and two full time students. It can't hurt to have another server. Also, when I was part time at the Bar, when I first started, I rarely said no to covering a shift. I wasn't working alot, needed the money, and had the time. Getting me back to that place can only help them out.
So the waiting continues. Two steps forward, one step back.


Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Everything sounded good until you mentioned you could be on call. I hope that doesn't come back to bite you. If it doesn't , it sounds pretty sweet. Also to me it sounds like there are too many managers without one being in charge.When I hear one has to talk to another about such and such after giving an okay it makes for the on the swing feeling you mention. That could just be me though.

Simon said...

Hi, first time visitor. Just read the latest post... you have THREE managers to clear things with?? Good grief, you poor thing. Management is the place where people go who can no longer handle real work. I'm not a waiter, I work in software development, my line manager works in an office 150 miles away and my senior manager is based in the U.S. And they STILL get in the way.