Saturday, November 29, 2008

Slapping the Hand that Tips

Yesterday was terribly slow. I made one third of my normal Friday amount. I was lucky enough to have a few tables of very nice, very well tipping families. Today it's bartending til 6 and serving til 2am. A part of me hopes it will be busy, but I am working with the manager that doesn't help out at all and is oblivious to what is going on (see my post on falling during a shift).
I am trying a new approach on fighting fatigue during my long shifts. It worked beautifully yesterday. Instead of hitting the coffee pot like a fiend all day I drank water. I also stayed away from the fried food we serve and opted for peanut butter and cashews most of the day. My energy level was high and I was able to sleep well, unlike when I use coffee to stay awake.
Other than staying awake I have another issue to deal with. There is a regular at the Sports Bar that has been making little comments and making gestures (some very obscene) at me since I started there. It has recently crossed a line. Yesterday when I took a break and left the bar the customer told another customer I had left to "take care of business" because I don't have a boyfriend. When I heard this I was shocked. On another occasion this same customer passed behind me and grabbed me by the waist, holding on to me. I was so shocked at the touch I didn't say anything at the time.
Saturdays this customer and I are alone in the bar for about 45 minutes before anyone else shows up. I know I have to do something today, but I have to be very careful. He is a customer and very friendly with the owners. Why can't some guys just take a hint? He's in his 50's, married and has children. I have heard that the other girls at work have had similar problems with him but they solved it by fighting with him. I don't want to go that route.


Anonymous said...

This sounds pretty uncomfortable especially with being a friend of the owner.Sometimes an owner or someone has to step in for you and ask him to stop.You need that support. Good on you for no coffee and fried foods.

Anonymous said...

Can you speak with your manager & see if they will step up to the plate & stop the harassment?

I wish you luck!

MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

sometimes, my dear you've just got to fire a customer... it is awkward when he's palsy walsy with the owners, but tell the bosses when the guy touches you, it creeps you out... that should be their hint and call to action..and if you want to get sh***, keep a log of your conversations with managementtheir resposes, and of the transgressions of the customer ...
you might be glad you did.

Simon said...

bitch-slap him upside the head, and if he complains, threaten to sue his ass for sexual harassment & tell his wife and kids what a smashing man he is. Arse.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike. I would mention the man's behavior to the owners, while consistently being firm, but polite, with the asshole. That way, when you snap, the owners will understand, and will be aware of what was a continuing problem.

Good luck!

I love your blog, and I will definitely be linking to you from mine!