Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Days

I had an unusually nice day at work today. I picked up the lunch shift so some of the employees could go to a training class I did not need to attend. I watched the bar and the restaurant for about two hours before the bartender returned from the class. It wasn't too busy for me to be alone, and Manager J was there. I truly enjoy working with him; never is there a time I feel overwhelmed when he is there.

There was a personal issue for the bartender when she returned so I ended up watching the bar a bit longer than planned. No problem for me as I made some additional money because of it.

In addition, my last table of the day was one of my favorite customers. When I first met him, he was a bit irritating as he ordered his beer "High Lite" and lectured me when I gave him the wrong kind. He usually comes in with his wife for lunch once a week now. After serving him for over a year I have grown to adore him and look forward to them coming in. They are the regulars who can order something wrong but still have it come out right because I know what they meant to order. They are also the only people I know who tip a waitress better than a bartender.

Today he came in with his extended family. They had a family reunion over the weekend and were having one more meal together before everyone returned home. It was a larger group (over 10), but so easy to care for. Everyone took turns ordering and no one spoke over another. It was a pleasure waiting on them.
Days like today remind me why I have stuck with this industry as long as I have.


Justthe said...

aw glad you had a good day :)

purplegirl said...

If only we got days like that more often!